Pioneers of Franchisee model in Courier Industry in India, Palande’s Franchise network is spread across India. Many Franchisees are with Palande for more than 25 years and have grown in Status in the society and have become millionaires.  We Welcome you to become a Franchisee and grow your own business with an established Organisation.

The Franchisees are categorised as follows:


This is the most basic form of the franchisee in the PALANDE system. This type of franchisee covers small delivery region and 1 or 2 PIN codes (Zip Code).  Franchisee is responsible to develop business and serve the customers in the area of his / her Pin code.

Super Franchisee (SF)

Super franchisee has one or more reporting franchises and PFs in multiple pincodes. In addition to the role of a PF, the SF is responsible for the transhipment, operations and development of the other franchises within his / her territory. The appointment procedure for SF is different from the two franchisee categories mentioned above.

Mobile Franchisee

This is unique franchisee in the industry. The Delivery Boy who delivers packages is the most crucial person in the industry. To encourage him the respect him, Palande has come up with a Unique concept of Mobile Franchisee. The Delivery Boy can do the booking while delivering the packages. Soon He will be booking thru a Tab or a Mobile.

All the above franchisees are responsible for the protection of the PALANDE brand and upholding the corporate image in their area of operations.

New franchises are given the opportunity to join the network as a Franchisees, Parent Franchise or Super Franchise.

Office Franchisee (OF)

An experienced individual from the industry, with basic office infrastructure, an investment capacity and business contacts with corporate houses, is eligible to become a PALANDE’s OFFICE Franchisee to promote its products and services. This is a highly specialized form of franchisee, which the company appoints selectively.

Parent Franchisee (PF)

Parent franchisee has one or more reporting sub-franchisees. PF can also appoint sub franchisees on his / her own within his / her pincode area or Company appoints sub-franchisees and assign to PF.  In addition to the role of a Franchisee, the PF is responsible for data entry of sub-franchisee, operations, billing, finance and development of the sub-franchises within his / her area.

Benefits to the Franchisee
  • Established Business with proven business models
  • Transfer of existing customers of the company if any.
  • Customers start walking in from day 1 after putting up the board.
  • Technology based business which saves your costs
  • Support during set up and grow your business

Lets begin Your entrepreneurial journey Together.





We Welcome you to become a Franchisee. Our basic requirements are


PALANDE does a background check of the individuals involved to ensure he/she fits into this business. Franchisees are selected based on the available areas, the market potential and the ability of the person to grow the business. There are also some ready opportunities where the franchisees are already set up, ready to be taken over and operated from day one. PALANDE also guides the prospective applicants through the process and helps them to decide what franchise suits them best.

You can refer to online Application for the complete guide to becoming a PALANDE franchisee


One time Investment


  1. Non refundable deposit
  2. Refundable security deposit: Depends on the volume
  3. Office set up – Computer, Laser Printer, Bar code Scanner, Document Scanner, Smart Mobile phone.


Monthly Expenses


  • AirWaybill.
  • Transport contribution: varies from Month to Month. Depends on distance from the main route.
  • Working Capital (per month)
  • Return on Investment.
  • No. of employees required to run a franchise: 2, PF – 4, SF – 8